Leigh Merotto, RD, MHSc 

Leigh is a Registered Dietitian located in Downtown Toronto specializing in nutrition for exercise performance, digestive health, disease prevention and wellness. She is passionate is about helping others fuel, nourish and thrive to their fullest potential with personalized nutrition.

As a nutrition professional, Leigh takes pride in her commitment to evidence-based practice and serving the unique needs of her clients.  To become an RD, she received a Masters of Health Science degree in Nutrition Communication from Ryerson University. She has provided nutrition care in various healthcare settings including mental health, diabetes, sport nutrition, weight-management, gastroenterology, surgery, oncology, general medicine, and public health. 

Exercise has always been important in her life, and she is an avid yogi, weight-lifter, distance runner, and movement enthusiast. She has experienced first-hand how nutrition plays a huge role in seeing improvements in her strength and endurance capabilities, and has a passion for helping other active individuals do the same.

Leigh currently works with the adult population to provide comprehensive nutrition care plans to help them to:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle

  • Achieve body composition goals (weight loss or gain, muscle gain, fat loss)

  • Increase energy levels

  • Manage or prevent disease (such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney conditions)

  • Decrease risk and recurrence of injuries

  • Reach optimal sport and fitness performance

Leigh understands that proper nutrition and attention to diet is essential for those who want to achieve optimal health and physical performance. She works with each client to develop holistic and evidence-based nutrition care plans to empower them meet their health and fitness goals.   


Master of Health Science (Candidate) Nutrition Communication Ryerson University Toronto, ON

Bachelor of Applied Science (With Distinction) Food and Nutrition Ryerson University Toronto, ON


Level 1 and 2 Motivational Interviewing and Coaching Skills The Monarch System & Ryerson University - 2017, 2018

Critical Care Nutrition Course Dietitians of Canada - 2018

Nutrition Care Process for Dysphagia Course Dietitians of Canada - 2018

Swallow Screen and Assessment Course Dietitians of Canada - 2018

Population and Public Health Needs Assessments Certificate Dietitians of Canada - 2018

Media Training Boot Camp Sue Mah, Registered Dietitian - 2017



Merotto, Leigh. (2018). The environmental impacts of open-net salmon farming: A critical review and recommendations for policy in Canadian aquaculture. The Journal of the Home Economics Institute Australia, 25(1).

Want to get to know Leigh, ask a nutrition question, or learn more about her services?  Book a free consult»

Want to get to know Leigh, ask a nutrition question, or learn more about her services? Book a free consult»