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Nutrition Counselling

Proper nutrition and attention to diet is essential for those who want to achieve optimal health and physical performance. A tailored nutrition plan can help you to: 

  • Live a healthy lifestyle

  • Achieve body composition goals (weight loss or gain, muscle gain, fat loss)

  • Increase energy levels

  • Manage or prevent disease (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney conditions)

  • Decrease injuries

  • Reach optimal sport and fitness performance

Whether you are a beginner to exercise or an elite athlete, Leigh can help you meet your health and fitness goals by taking into account all aspects of your lifestyle factors, individual needs, health status and body composition to develop an individualized nutrition care plan.  

Nutrition counselling services are available in-person, phone, and online.


Health Benefits Coverage

Want to make the most of your health benefits? Check your health coverage plan or health care spending account, you may be covered for Registered Dietitian services in Toronto or Canada.

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FREE Nutrition Consult 

Not sure what you need, or how nutrition counselling services can benefit you?

Book a 15 minute (free) phone consult to discuss your health and fitness goals, and how Leigh can help you reach them through individualized nutrition planning.

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Phone & Online Counselling

Do you have a hectic schedule, making it hard to find the time to organize and attend appointments? Or perhaps you live outside of Toronto and the GTA?

If that is the case, Leigh also offers phone or online nutrition counselling.

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Leigh Merotto, RD, MHSc

Leigh Merotto is a Registered Dietitian in Downtown Toronto specializing in nutrition for exercise performance, digestive health, disease prevention and wellness.


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